Qty available: 10000 SKU: PD-S1

Unlike our competitors, we won't sting you with hidden costs. No matter which package you choose, you can rest assured that collection and delivery costs are included in the price you see. That means you can sleep easy knowing we won't ring you up asking for another £20 for the delivery back.

Full Safety Check  Lowest Price  No Hidden Costs  Free Shipping  6 Month Warranty   Chassis Clean

What's included with the Doctor Silver Pushchair service?

  • Full safety check (which we've refined over the last 15 years)
  • Free collection and delivery
  • 6-month warranty on all repairs
  • Wheels and brakes cleaned
  • Chassis cleaned and buffed
  • Any time required to fit a broken part

What's not included?

  • The spare parts required to fix the product. Once the inspection is complete our engineers will know what is needed to fix your item. One of our admin team will then contact you to discuss the cost of the spare/s and payment.

How long will it take?